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State of the Writer: November, 2017

November is my favorite month. Not only does it officially signify fall, and we get to have Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday), but it’s also the month in which my daughter was born. And, November is National Novel Writing Month. So, it’s a good month all the way around.

November was also good for my writing. As a recap, I typed 21,405 new words in October, for a total of 125,593 words since May 2017. Manuscript-wise, I was working on chapter 25 of my current Work In Progress (WIP).

Although I didn’t participate in NaNoWriMo this year, I did promise to try to push my writing output as a way to celebrate the month with my fellow writers. So how did my November stats stack up?

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State of the Writer: October, 2017

Another month of writing has passed, which means it’s time for another installment of State of the Writer, where I talk about what I worked on the previous month.

As a brief recap, I ended September with 26,237 new words, for a total of 104,188 words for the year, and I was on chapter 15 of my current novel.

October 2017

  • Created new writing rules: a) write for an hour a day, and b) write a minimum of 500 words. If after 500 words, there is still time left on the clock, and there often is, then I must continue to write until the hour is up.
  • Wrote 21,405 new words.
  • Added 10 new chapters on my second novel, title still TBD. I ended the month by completing chapter 25.
  • My current WIP officially became a novel this month, clocking in at 45,771 words.
  • Sent Dangerous Contracts out to Beta Readers for feedback, it is still out for review.
  • Continued outlining and worldbuilding for the DNA Detective Series.
  • Updated my website. (What do you think?)
  • Created Team Julie, a way for my readers to get a FREE copy of every book I publish
  • Total words since May 2017: 125,593

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State of the Writer: September, 2017

I’ve decided to start a monthly segment of my blog called State of the Writer, where at the end of each month I review what I’ve worked during the month.¬† Consider it one part a peek into the writer’s life, one part practicing in public, and one part holding myself accountable.

The stats leading up to September are as follows:

May-August 2017

  • Developed a daily writing habit where I started writing at 5 am. Every. Single. Day.
  • Wrote 84,625 words
  • Finished 3 drafts of my first novel, Dangerous Contracts

September 2017

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