Dangerous Contracts

JulieStrier.com Dangerous Contracts 3D Cover

Mega-corporation, Create or Die, produces a music based reality TV show that promises contestants fame, fortune, and a record contract.

There’s just one catch — if they lose, they die.

Thomas Butcher is CoD’s top agent. After settling down and having a son, all he can think about are the families he’s destroying. He wants to retire, but he’s bound by a contract which terminates in death.

Confronted by a contestant who is his young son’s doppelganger, Thomas fails to finish the job. He can’t shake the feeling that the man is related.

Now on the run from CoD, he goes on a mission to uncover the truth. In order to escape with his life, Thomas risks losing his family, the very thing he is trying to protect.

Coming Winter, 2017

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