Elevator Kisses

Elevator Kisses

Doors ding shut

Announcing descent.


When you pounce,

Or I pounce

(it was equal then).


Mouths merging, lips blending

Tongues crash, caressing

the internal depths of each other

Moments before ding

Announces arrival.


Hearts left fluttering,

Breathing still quickened,

Cheeks deeply flushed.

Passion brought on by prohibition

Each of us shackled to another.

Secret rendezvous , just short

Of afternoon delight, leaves

each of us wanting more.


Five days a week we meet

And wildly grope,

Pressed tightly together, lost

In our abyss. 30 seconds of privacy

Afforded by closed elevator doors.


We emerge dizzy,

Rushed by passion

Our secret transparent.